Casablanca Restaurant

The interior of @CasablancaMem is richly decorated with autumn orange walls above warm natural wood chair rails and large open windows with swooping drapes. The exterior includes two expansive decks for outdoor eating. The gracious hospitality of Mr. Shtaya and his staff really add to the overall ambience. Continue reading Casablanca Restaurant

Roasted Vegetable Terrine

Eggplant, zucchini and red bell pepper appear as a flavorful and colorful trio in many dishes, ratatouille especially. I used these hearty vegetables with fresh basil to create a roasted vegetable terrine a few weekends ago. If you’re looking for a fun vegetable dish to cut back on your consumption of meat, this dish requires some planning ahead and isn’t hard to construct. After brushing with a … Continue reading Roasted Vegetable Terrine