A Taste of Seattle

Seattle offers a robust food scene with access to the sea, produce and livestock from local farms and wines from the Columbia River valley. During our time in the area, we enjoyed sampling the abundance of Washington state. Here’s a round-up of our best eating experiences from August 12-21, 2016. Breakfast and Brunch On our first morning in Seattle, Christy T. suggested we try the chorizo … Continue reading A Taste of Seattle

Spinach, Farro and Feta Scramble

​​Some of the best recipe inspirations come from leftovers in the fridge. I made more farro than I needed for a Mediterranean salad earlier in the week. Farro’s whole-grain, nutty flavor works well in warm side dishes and cool salads. If you’ve never tried farro, think of it as a fatter version of brown rice with a more tender interior.  I thought of using my … Continue reading Spinach, Farro and Feta Scramble