12195814_10206896042092560_4488636348462268322_nMy name is Jonathan Cole. I am social worker born, raised and living in Memphis, Tennessee.

I love to cook and eat good food and drink fine wines and spirits (especially gin and single malt Scotch). As gastronauts, my husband and I share this passion together and with our friends. A serious oenophile, Paul attained a level 3 certification from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust. Paul and I make award winning gumbo, most recently with our friend Kim Gullett on a team called Roux’d Awakening at the 2020 TEP Gumbo Contest. We are always on the hunt for new recipes and new restaurants in our hometown of Memphis and elsewhere in the world.

This space will feature tasty recipes from many sources and include original creations. We’ll share our dining experiences inside and outside our kitchen. When the spirit moves me, I like to write about the culture and ethics of food and foodways. I am particularly interested in the ways that food connects and disconnects us with others.

There is nothing more pleasurable in life than to share a good meal at a table with esteemed friends. My greatest hope is that everyone can find a place at the table with those they love.

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