Breakfast at the Edge

A new café opened this week in the Edge District, the neighborhood on the edge of Downtown and the Medical Center.

I work nearby and have enjoyed watching the transformation of the area. The introduction of bike lanes, additional parking, attention to walkability, art in public spaces and new businesses gives the neighborhood vibrancy. Patrons of High Cotton Brewing Company’s tasting room will easily find its new neighbor, the Edge Coffee Shop, inside Edge Alley on Monroe. I missed the Grand Opening of Edge Alley this week, but subsequently paid a visit on two mornings before going to work.

Boutique gift shops surround the dining area consisting of long high-top tables and bar stools and a few tables with bench and lower stool seating. The café serves a simple all-day menu covering breakfast and lunch, espresso drinks, and hot and cold brewed coffee. Edge plans to roast their own coffee beans as soon as they finish seasoning their brand new roasting machine (kind of like seasoning a cast iron skillet).

Baked goods like cinnamon rolls, hot biscuits and pimento cheese grits will satisfy your carb cravings, but diners may choose low carb options like the house or chicken salad. On separate mornings, I ordered a biscuit sandwich with bacon, fried egg, and cheese and the baked cheese grits. After placing your order at the counter, staff give you a colorful, numbered Uno card on a stand so they know where to bring your order.

The 3+ inch square biscuit struck a perfect balance with a light, flavorful density (I plan to order one with jam in the future). The thick, crisp smoked bacon and a gooey over-easy egg made a delicious yolky mess in my mouth. The kitchen baked their grits in ramekins which rose to an airy fluffiness with pimento cheese and fresh thyme.

The counter and espresso bar staff provide attentive service and stand ready to answer questions about the menu. The open kitchen and espresso bar offer a fun view of dough prepped for baking and specialty coffees made in glass coffee pots with conical openings fitted for filters.

Edge Coffee Shop fills a niche for those seeking coffee and breakfast before 8 am on weekdays who live and work in the Medical Center or Downtown area of Memphis. You’ll spend at least $8 for hot coffee and a simple breakfast or snack and a bit more for specialty drinks and a full breakfast or lunch. Regardless of what you order or how much you spend, you’re in for a treat.

Edge Alley and Edge Coffee Shop
600 Monroe Ave Suite 101
Memphis, TN 38103

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