Takht-e Tavoos in Tehran-to

Persian rugs, artwork, pillowed booths, and inscriptions written in Farsi adorn the space. Takht-e Tavoos’s brunch menu combines breakfast and lunch specialties and offers fresh salads of small plate mazeh (or meze) served with Barbary flatbread. Continue reading Takht-e Tavoos in Tehran-to

Spinach, Farro and Feta Scramble

​​Some of the best recipe inspirations come from leftovers in the fridge. I made more farro than I needed for a Mediterranean salad earlier in the week. Farro’s whole-grain, nutty flavor works well in warm side dishes and cool salads. If you’ve never tried farro, think of it as a fatter version of brown rice with a more tender interior.  I thought of using my … Continue reading Spinach, Farro and Feta Scramble