Place at the Table Recruiting for Dining Out for Life

I am delighted to assist Friends For Life in recruiting Memphis area restaurants to participate in Dining Out for Life® on April 27, 2017. My happy task combines two of my interests: delicious food and support of an organization providing vital services to persons living with HIV in our community.

Click HERE to download the Restaurant Partner Agreement.

Here’s how it works:dine-out-fight-aids-150x150

  1. The restaurant decides on a portion of their sales to benefit the programs and outreach at Friends For Life here in the Mid-South – 25% to 100% – and completes restaurant partner agreement.
  2. Between now and April 27th, Friends For Life will promote your restaurant in its event marketing campaign, encouraging diners to support you on April 27th and throughout the year for your community support.
  3. Dining Out Ambassadors: Friends For Life will assign trained Dining Out Ambassadors to each restaurant in advance of event day. These Ambassadors will coordinate all the details leading up to April 27 and will professionally interact with your guests on event day with minimal interruption to your normal flow of business. In addition, each Ambassador is charged with bringing additional business to your restaurant on the evening of April 27, to increase your sales and exposure.
  4. On the day of the event your assigned ambassador will arrive shortly before your chosen meal. They will approach each table briefly to let your patrons know of your generous participation and to give them an envelope for a prize drawing and to allow them to make another optional donation. The ambassadors will be trained beforehand and will make every effort not to disturb your regular flow of service.
  5. Within a week or so after the event you will receive an invoice in the mail, reminding you of your pledged amount and you simply need to do your calculations and send in a check. Simple. We don’t need any sales reports or figures. We look forward a great event this year and hope you will join us again in 2018!
  6. Friends For Life is an established and respected 503(c) non-profit service organization, serving Memphis since 1985. All contributions are tax-deductible. Friends For Life is the oldest and largest HIV/AIDS service organization in the Mid-South and one of the most comprehensive HIV/AIDS service organization in the Southern United States. The mission of Friends For Life is to help persons affected by HIV/AIDS live well. We strive to enlighten the Mid-South community in a manner that heightens awareness, facilitates acceptance, and promotes prevention. The goal of Friends For Life is to be the provider of hope, help and healing for Mid-Southerners affected by HIV/AIDS until ultimately HIV/AIDS is cured and we can proudly cease to exist.

Ready to commit? Download the Restaurant Partner Agreement. For more detailed answers to your questions about the event, contact Blake Meador at Friends for Life by email at or phone at (901) 272-0855, Ext. 264.

Official Page of Dining out for Life in Memphis.

Website for Friends for Life.


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