Social Distancing at the Grocery Store

I just returned from a trip to a grocery store in Memphis where I found many folks unfamiliar with or not practicing social distancing in the age of COVID19. Resources from local and other governmental authorities and news articles on the subject abound which I hope folks have read. If not, please fire up your google.

I observed a few disturbing and risky behaviors today:

  1. Whole families (mom, dad, kids) and adult couples shopping together. Grocery shopping needs to be a solo visit to the store. Bringing extra people with you to the store places them and others at risk. If you must travel together with loved ones, send one person into the store while others remain in the car. Single parents with small children get a pass on this, but try to avoid shopping with your kids if possible.
  2. People touching and talking on their smart phone in the store. Stop it! You’re touching objects in the store and your phone and spreading germs. If you are accustomed to making your shopping list on your smart phone, start writing your list on a piece of paper you can discard.
  3. Step back. Step back at least 6 feet from everyone. This is the new definition of personal space. Be prepared to wait patiently and graciously if an aisle or section is too congested with people. Wait for it to clear out. If the store is too crowded for this to happen, leave and return another time. Let a staff member know that management should beginning regulating the number of people allowed inside at one time.
  4. Be mindful of others waiting for you to move on so they can access the shelf or food section from which you’re choosing items. Please don’t block the middle of an aisle.
  5. If you go shopping, wear a mask. You can easily make one from home using old clothes. The CDC shows you how.

Y’all be safe and stay healthy. We can get through this.


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