Soup Team

Team volunteers come and go on soup saturdays, but the bench seems deep enough each month to cover all the vegetable chopping, cooking and cleaning tasks to get the job done. Continue reading Soup Team


The Outer Limits of Cauliflower 

Have we asked too much of cauliflower? Has the cauliflower craze played out in American cookery? If new experimentation with cauliflower continues to lead to dead ends, will its popularity wane? Continue reading The Outer Limits of Cauliflower 

Wine group celebrates 50 tastings

Our wine tasting and dinner group that began meeting semi-monthly in early 2011 gathered over Labor Day weekend to mark our 50th tasting together. Our tasting format is fairly simple. Members volunteer to host the group usually on a Saturday evening. We typically choose around eight wines to pair with food (usually begin with whites and end with bold reds). In our first year together, we … Continue reading Wine group celebrates 50 tastings

A Taste of Seattle

Seattle offers a robust food scene with access to the sea, produce and livestock from local farms and wines from the Columbia River valley. During our time in the area, we enjoyed sampling the abundance of Washington state. Here’s a round-up of our best eating experiences from August 12-21, 2016. Breakfast and Brunch On our first morning in Seattle, Christy T. suggested we try the chorizo … Continue reading A Taste of Seattle