Beef Chili with Poblano Peppers

I used to make chili with sweet green bell peppers but now prefer the medium heat of poblanos. If you have time, roast them over a grill or gas flame to add smoky flavor. Continue reading Beef Chili with Poblano Peppers


African Peanut Soup

I think my mother introduced me to the African Peanut Soup at the Brushmark Restaurant at the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art. Since my first exposure to peanut soup, I’ve tried many variations which include yams or sweet potatoes. The soup shares a history with the slave trade here in North America making it a notable contribution of African American cuisine. While I enjoy versions … Continue reading African Peanut Soup

Pâté de Campagne 

I’ve been reading the lyrical writing of Elizabeth David’s French Provincial Cooking this week. Published in 1960, the book describes David’s experience of food in the provinces of France away from the bright lights and big kitchens of Paris. English by birth, David fell in love with the cookery of the countryside in her formative years. She describes the post-World War II French food scene … Continue reading Pâté de Campagne 

Greek Spinach with Poached Eggs

This idea was missing too long from my breakfast life. Poached eggs over baby spinach sautéed in onion, garlic, and Greek seasonings with feta. I happened to have all the right ingredients and wanted to try something new in the kitchen.  View this post on Instagram Missing too long from my breakfast life. #Poachedeggs over baby #spinach sautéed in #onion, #garlic, and #Greek seasonings with … Continue reading Greek Spinach with Poached Eggs