Sourdough: Pay it forward

I am still learning about my starter and what I can accomplish with sourdough baking. When I began researching sourdough bread baking a few months ago, the sharing of sourdough starter resonated with me. I read stories of decades old starter passed from one generation to the next, to friends, and fellow bakers. I started a levain from scratch, but it last 8 days. Just as I was about to hit my stride in baking, I accidentally killed my starter when preheating an oven. My friend Don came to my rescue by offering some of his 2 year old starter. I’ve since baked a couple of successful white and whole wheat loaves from Don’s starter.

A few days ago, a running buddy of mine inquired about my recent efforts and shared her interest in baking sourdough bread with her family. Don performed a kind favor to me, and I sensed an opportunity to pay his kindness forward. I gave Jennifer some of the white flour starter yesterday morning, and she wasted no time in baking her own bread.

Jennifer forwarded these pictures earlier today of her first loaf using the starter. I’m thrilled to advance a friend’s efforts at sourdough baking and wish her great success. Don’t forget to pay it forward.



2 thoughts on “Sourdough: Pay it forward

  1. jonathan: very glad the ‘beast’ is doing so well for you and your friend! Sourdough teaches us patience in that we have to wait to get the good sour!

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