Greet the Holidays with Red, Green and Gold Chocolate Bark

In winter months, I typically make a cranberry almond bark with dark chocolate which I give as gifts and bring to parties. I made a batch for last year’s Longest Night Party on the Winter Solstice. This year, I am trying something new.

When I celebrate the Winter Solstice, I strive to serve foods which project the shapes and colors of suns and stars. While I love dark chocolate, I need something tasty that will help maintain my theme to include on my Longest Night Party menu.

I tinkered with a white chocolate bark recipe yesterday which includes golden raisins and almonds toasted to a gold color. I added craisins in my trial run, but I may switch to a homemade candied orange peel instead as an experiment to provide an even sunnier chocolate bark.

My first attempt at white chocolate bark proved tasty with beautiful red, green and gold colors, so I am sharing the recipe in time to enjoy during the holidays. Consider making this easy recipe as you plan for stocking stuffers and host gifts.

Red, Green and Gold Chocolate Bark

  • Servings: 20
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Print


  • 11.5 oz package of white chocolate chips
  • 1/2 tsp kosher salt
  • 1/3 cup sliced almonds, toasted
  • 1/3 cup craisins
  • 1/4 cup roasted and salted green pistachios, roughly chopped
  • 1/3 cup golden raisins


  1. Heat white chocolate chips in alarge ceramic bowl in the microwave on high setting for 20 seconds. Remove, stir and reheat for another 20 seconds. Stir in salt. Reheat for 20 seconds, stir and keep reheating in 20 second intervals until the chocolate completely melts.
  2. Pour chocolate onto a cookie sheet lined with wax paper and spread chocolate into a large rectangle approximately 1/4-inch thick.
  3. Evenly spread the almonds, craisins, raisins and pistachios over the surface of the chocolate. Place cookie sheet into the refrigerator for at least 1 hour.
  4. Remove chocolate from refrigerator and gently break into bite size pieces by hand. Plate and serve.

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